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Providing yoga for the whole family and community. Teaching families, kids, and adults.

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Are you intimidated by yoga studios or feel you have to be a certain “type”? Do you feel lonely while attending a class?

At Ohana Yoga you are family.

We are building a community where the entire family can have fun, play, laugh, sweat, relax and be themselves through yoga. We are not your traditional yoga studio. Our classes are engaging, interactive, challenging, mindful and fun.

For our adults come work up a sweat or let yourself take a break from the day.
For our kids come play games, dance and engage in stories.
For our families come bond and laugh. All while doing yoga.

Come Home to Ohana Yoga!


What we offer

Kid's Yoga

The kid’s yoga classes introduce children to physical fitness, flexibility, team building, socialization, mindfulness and empowerment. All classes are 45min long and are engaging and fun. We teach yoga poses, tell stories, play games and meditate.

Family Yoga

Family yoga is a wonderful opportunity for parents and kids to bond through yoga. The classes are fun, engaging and promote family togetherness. Families are introduced to yoga through partnering with each other in poses and meditation. The poses are structured to be around pairing and individual postures. Laughing and exploration of self is encouraged.


Gentle yoga is designed to help people with body opportunities engage in yoga while protecting their bodies. This slow yoga helps people enjoy the benefits of yoga while being gentle to their bodies.

Beginning Vinyasa

Beginning Vinyasa is an introduction to poses and flow. We help build your knowledge of how each pose is done while connecting to your breath. Our guidance and instruction will prepare you for more challenging classes. This is a great practice between Gentle Flow and Power Vinyasa to help build awareness and strength.


A power yoga to push you to your limits while also giving space for reflection. The flow is designed to challenge your body and mind.


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December 4, 2019

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November 25, 2019

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November 22, 2019